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About StudyX Developer Jeff Minnis

Minnis was diagnosed at age 10 with a learning difference called Asperger syndrome, similar to autism, which made it difficult to focus, read and write.

Using a computer, Minnis could focus better, and it helped him learn to read.

[As an aside, there are many famous people and inventors with learning disabilities, including Bill Gates who reportedly has Asperger or is autistic. Gates responded well to the computer, too.]

Minnis envisioned software that would help him focus – like a personal study software assistant with games to make studying less boring.  He expected there were others like him who learned better using a computer, so, while a computer science major at Webster University, he developed prototypes and began selling StudyX in 2005.

About Jeff Computers

When Minnis isn’t programming, he runs Jeff Computers, a computer sales and repair store in Manchester, MO. He started his company when he was just 12 years old doing computer tutoring. Today, the company is repairing computers, designing and hosting websites and developing and marketing the StudyX program.

Minnis has appeared on St. Louis TV explaining how to care for laptops, including humorous segments on liquid spill disasters: Fox2 Now, KMOV (CBS), and others.


  • Aug 2010 Releases StudyX version 5.0 - the company’s most powerful version
  • 2010 Growing Jeff Computers team moves into larger retail space at 14366 Manchester Rd. in Manchester, MO, in West St. Louis
  • 2006 Minnis graduates from Webster University and opens first retail store
  • 2005 Minnis begins selling StudyX, originally named QuickStudy
  • 2004 As a sophomore computer science major, Minnis sets out to develop study software to help him, and others like him, use the computer to learn
  • 1994 Jeff Minnis starts Jeff Computers at age 12 doing computer tutoring 
  • 1992 Minnis diagnosed with learning difference called Asperger syndrome; discovers that the computer helps him focus and learn better

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