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Benefits of Flash Card Maker

Study smarter for tests with flash card maker– whether an elementary, secondary or graduate student

Easily memorize languages, vocabulary, science terms, history facts, math and more

Have fun learning while playing interactive study games

Way beyond flash card software functionality – study options include games, practice tests (multiple choice, fill-in-the-blank, matching), study sheets and flash cards

Efficient - study while performing other computer tasks using the autopilot option

Intelligent engine tracks students’ progress while studying on-screen:
Tallies correctly-answered questions
Focuses on questions needing the most studying
Congratulates students on mastering material after correctly answering all questions twice

Eliminate costs (paper and ink) of traditional flash cards with on-screen option

Print study aids if preferred – Avery/plain paper flash cards, practice tests, study sheets

Growing study material database with both StudyX and users adding content

Powerful tool for teachers automatically generates multiple versions of tests and study sheets

Collaborate – share flash card maker files with others directly or via the StudyX forum

Easy to use – simple interface with pop-up instructions mimics Microsoft Word

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