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StudyX BoxBox Shot with White Background
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back of box
Flash Card Maker Box Shot Back With White Background
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StudyX Inventor Jeff Minnis
Front of Box
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group study games
Group of kids studying
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StudyX Logo 1478 x 339
StudyX Inventor Jeff Minnis
StudyX Inventor Jeff Minnis
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Box Shot with Black Background
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Box shot back with Black Background
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Main Interface
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You can study multiple choice or fill-in-the blank on the main StudyX interface.

Studying Tab
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Flash card maker offers numerous methods for studying.

Games Tab
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StudyX games make learning fun.

Printing Tab
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StudyX offers numerous print options.

Help Tab
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StudyX has a complete help system.

Quick Start Guide
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Makes it easy for new users.

Help System
JPG 1097 x 892

StudyX has an easy to use help file.

Decity Game - Multiplayer
JPG 814 x 605

Shoot down missiles by clicking on them and build a city.

Math Game
JPG 802 x 609

Answer arithmetic questions and score!

Ping Pong Game
JPG 811 x 627

Hit the ball with the paddle while answering questions.

Tunnel Game
JPG 641 x 699

Travel though a shrinking tunnel while answering questions.

Trivia Game - Multiplayer
JPG 749 x 547

Answer trivia questions based on the server's file. Fun for entire classrooms to compete.

Maze Game
JPG 820 x 597

Travel a maze while answering questions and to find the end.

Autopilot Study
JPG 569 x 269

Study while you game, browse the web or use your computer.

Set-Up Study Options
JPG 458 x 390

Customize options to fit your studying needs.

Jeff Minnis explains CLEAR4G promotion to Maryville bookstore manager Kate Ritter. Students who activate a CLEAR mobile Internet plan receive a credit of $39.99 (cost of StudyX) on their CLEAR account.

JPG 3056 x 2292

Jeff Minnis, president of Jeff Computers and developer of StudyX explains CLEAR4G promotion to Erika Klotz, bookstore manager at STLCC Meramac.

JPG 3056 x 2292

StudyX/CLEAR promotional display at STLCC Meramac.

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